Persistence of Vision is Book 1 of the Interchron series. It is a futuristic dystopian fantasy with elements of science fiction and romance. While the story is not one hundred percent mapped out yet, the author is tentatively planning five volumes or this series.

Interesting Facts: The first part of the story where something shocking happens to Maggie and her brother in Vegas is based on a true story. It happened to a co-worker of the author’s sister while vacationing in Vegas with her husband. Mostly likely a very frightening tourist trap, but when the author got wind of the story, her imagination just took off.

‘Persistence of Vision’ is a true scientific phenomena. One doesn’t hear the term often except in circles of physicists.

The idea of exploring the idea of breaking away from a collective mind came during a class on literary science fiction. One part of the story was already formulated, but this idea filled out the plot and made the story deep and rounded.